The Rhode Island Department of Health now requires water testing on any Real Estate Transaction and on any newly drilled well. The required tests are encompassed in our RI DPH Series. Regular testing of your drinking water is recommended by the Department of Health. This testing should occur at least once a year or when you suspect a problem (staining, smell, odor, etc.)

Helpful contact at the Rhode Island Health Department:
Division of Drinking Water Quality: (401) 222-6867; website:

NETLAB has put together four different packages (PDF) to choose from. The following packages have been designed to cover a range of water tests and prices. We will provide you with the appropriate containers and instructions for sampling.

Customized packages and additional testing quotations are also available to meet your specific circumstances. 1-888-863-8522

IMPORTANT Sampling instructions:

  • Our DPH Series for Real Estate Transactions and newly drilled wells must be collected by one of our RI DPH certified sampling technicians.

  • First Draw Copper and Lead samples included in our Complete and Comprehensive Series must be water that has been sitting in the pipes for at least six hours. Usually this can be sampled from a faucet with the aerator still attached that has not been used overnight.

  • For all other packages, and the second portion of the Complete and Comprehensive Series, collect from a drinking tap, preferably from a kitchen or bathroom, which is not threaded on the inside. Remove the aerator and run the cold water for 4-5 minutes or until the temperature remains stable, whichever is longer. Slow the water stream down to 1/8” diameter and fill sample bottles completely. Keep samples cool and deliver to the lab ASAP, or within 24hrs of collection. Be sure to record your sample time.

  • When collecting bacteria, fill up the provided sterile container to the 100ml mark and DO NOT touch the interior of the container or the inside of the lid. As a safeguard, you can wipe the interior of the tap with a bleach/water mixture BEFORE flushing your pipes.

  • The small vials for Volatile Organic Compounds must be completely filled. Cap and invert the vials to ensure that there are no air bubbles. Caution the vials contain acid, be careful when handling as the acid can cause burns. DO NOT flush containers prior to sampling as this can remove the preservative.

Download packaging information and pricing here. (PDF)

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