New England Testing Laboratory has operated as an independent analytical laboratory for over fifty years. The scope of our experience includes a wide range of environmental analytical support efforts. Our dedicated staff has extensive experience in many environmental sectors including the following:

* RCRA facility permit monitoring.

* Knowledge of State Requirements and State Forms.

* Analytical support for engineering firms performing general site assessments.

* Compliance monitoring for NPDES permit holders as well as subordinate facilities discharging into publicly owned treatment works (POTWs).

* Public drinking water analysis for municipal drinking water supplies.

* Private well contaminant screening.

* Hydrocarbon contaminant air monitoring by methods including: TO-14a, TO-15, and APH.

A few of our key staff are listed below, but it takes the dedication of many more well-trained individuals to produce quality results on time:

Mr. Richard Warila

Laboratory Directory/ Vice President (B.S., Rhode Island College)

With 15 years experience in Environmental Testing including Management, Quality Control, Client Relations, and Instrument Analysis. Mr. Warila is responsible for the oversight of the corporation and the required duties of the Laboratory Director.

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New England Testing Labratory North Providence, RI 1888-863-8522