New England Testing Laboratory, Inc. (NETLAB) provides complete environmental analytical services to the environmental engineering community, private industry, and state and federal regulatory agencies. NETLAB performs analyses on the full range of environmental matrices in strict accordance with EPA Methods, and focuses its services to provide reliable results and complete, defensible records.

We recognize that service goes beyond analysis and reporting. We strive to maximize the effectiveness of every client interaction including telephone contacts, sample shuttle drop-off/pick-up and delivery of the final report. Focusing on thorough communications saves you time and money and wins us loyal customers.

Note the following highlights of our qualifications:

We are certified by the National Environmental Laboratory Approval Program (NELAP).

We have complete in house analytical capabilities.

We can provide your data in any specified electronic data format (e.g. Equis, GIS, etc.)

We offer web-based deliverables.

We are experts in petroleum hydrocarbon identification and petroleum hydrocarbon measurements.

We have consistently exemplary scores on WP/WS proficiency evaluations. Our NELAP certification also includes proficiency testing including the soil matrix.

In addition to NELAP, we are certified throughout the Northeast as well as in several states in other regions.

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New England Testing Labratory North Providence, RI 1888-863-8522