Did you know that the Rhode Island Department of Public Health now requires drinking water testing for all Real Estate Transactions and Newly Drilled Wells?

Additionally, the DPH recommends that you have your water tested annually or sooner if you suspect odors, taste, tinted water, or staining in your sinks or toilets.

We offer drinking water testing packages for any possible application. New England Testing Laboratory has been in the drinking water analysis field for several decades. Our company was a food and drug laboratory prior to entering the environmental field in the mid 1970s. In these early years it was through this regulatory channel that drinking water quality was controlled. We have a strong hand in the drinking water analysis field with highly experienced key personnel - most notably our general manager, Rich Warila - with demonstrated focus of technical expertise in drinking water analysis. Protection of public health is the backbone of our industry and we feel that responsible provision of drinking water analytical services is central to the interests of public health and NETLAB.

New England Testing Laboratory, Inc. (NETLAB) performs analysis of drinking water using the approved methods specified in 40 CFR 141, NATIONAL PRIMARY DRINKING WATER REGULATIONS and 40 CFR 143, NATIONAL SECONDARY DRINKING WATER REGULATIONS. We provide containers, preservatives, labels, etc. for collection of samples. The following are provided for your information and use:

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