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Who We Are:

We are a team of analytical chemists, biologists, toxicologists and environmental scientists together with a specialized support staff.

What We Do:

We analyze environmental samples including drinking water, surface water, groundwater, wastewater, soil, sediment, solid waste, and air. Our analysis consists of qualitative and quantitative measurements of contaminants at part-per-million, part-per-billion, and part-per-trillion levels. We employ advanced instrumental techniques as well as classic procedures in chemical and bacteriological analysis.

Who Uses our Services and Why:

The USEPA is charged with the responsibility of protecting our environment and human health as it relates to environmental vectors. They accomplish this mission through the implementation of permit programs and promulgation of regulations. These programs and regulations have built-in monitoring requirements. For example, for a municipality to supply drinking water to its residents the water must meet drinking water standards. For a company to discharge wastewater they must have a permit - and the permit requires that the company test the water regularly.
The EPA rarely interfaces directly with the regulated community. State and municipal regulatory bodies have a form of permit from EPA to execute their own programs and enforce their own regulations. These programs and regulations must always be as stringent as the EPA counterpart. We perform our work for the regulated community. We may work directly with a regulated party like a drinking water supply or a wastewater discharger. Just as often we perform testing for a consulting engineering firm that specializes in compliance issues for a given sector. For example few companies have the appropriately trained staff to manage a fuel oil spill so they contract an engineering company that in turn uses us for critical contamination plume characterization data and clean-up process monitoring data.

Four good reasons to work for us:

• Safeguarding human health, environmental protection and the massive permit system they require is not a trendy fad. They are here to stay.

• The mission of working towards a safe, healthy environment is substantially socially responsible. You will be a part of the solution not a part of the problem.

• The work we perform involves analytical techniques that have broad spectrum application. Certain of these techniques are advanced methods while other are classic procedures. You can transport this knowledge and experience to virtually any analytical arena, much more valuable than that gained through a pharmaceutical laboratory setting.

• New England Testing Laboratory is the top-end environmental analytical services laboratory in the region and our employees enjoy visibility and advancement opportunity way beyond the standard in the industry.

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