About New England Testing Laboratory

New England Testing Laboratory provides environmental analytical services to the consulting engineering community, municipal utilities, private industry and commercial concerns, as well as state and federal agencies. We are certified by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) and many state certification authorities.

New England Testing Laboratory recognizes its critical role in providing the reliable and defensible information engineering and regulatory professionals need to make informed technical judgments and appropriate policy decisions. The management of New England Testing Laboratory further recognizes that our undivided commitment to quality is fundamental to our remaining a viable, competitive force in the analytical services market. Quality assurance and product reliability have been, and will remain, the focal point of our management strategy and operations.

We specialize in providing services to customers who are “in the public eye” and require professional, organized reports as well as complete records for regulatory compliance. We also work with several national and local environmental engineering firms. We are sensitive to the impact that quality of laboratory services has on the reputation of our clients.

We owe our success to our emphasis on cooperative partnership with our clients. When a member of your staff needs to discuss results or needs a fast quotation, our technical staff will be on-call for support. No phone-mail maze. No missed deadlines. When you require special turnaround times, we will meet your requirements without abusive surcharges. We can tailor our reporting format hardcopy and/or magnetic storage to your specifications. In short, we are flexible and attentive to client and project-specific needs.

In addition, we provide sample shuttles with required bottles, preservatives, labels, custody records, etc. To make dealing with a Rhode Island based laboratory convenient for you, we will include a pre-paid FEDEX bill-of-lading with our sample shuttles or, if you prefer, we will have our courier pick up the samples from your designated site.

We promise to make working with New England Testing Laboratory a pleasant surprise relative to completeness of reports, turnaround times, prices, and ease of using our services.

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New England Testing Labratory North Providence, RI 1888-863-8522